Thursday, June 29, 2017

Faith in Kaliyug

When Pandvas left for Himalaya, King Parikshit was crowned as the King of Hastinapur. One fine day King Parikshit went for hunting and saw a strange sight: a Chandaal was killing a cow by breaking her bones, [cow was (is) considered a holy being so any attack on cow means death on the attacker] Parikshit gave a warning to the chandaal and raised his sword to behead him.
Chandaal said “ oh great King, please listen to my words first and then take the decision to kill me or not". 

Parikshit said "what do you want to tell me, your deeds are a call to death there is nothing which can save you now, but still I’ll give you a chance to speak",  Chandaal said “ great King I am Kali (not Kaali the goddess) the cause of Kaliyug and this cow is embodiment of Dharma, I am here to kill dharma. I have broken her three legs which represent truth, honesty, and mercy, I will also break the fourth leg that is faith. It is my sole purpose for which I was created, so let me do my duty and don't interfere in divine actions."

After listening these words Parikshit was enraged and said, "Kali, you forgot that it is the duty of King to save his subjects, and after all you are destroying dharma which multiplies your sin, I will not spare you.”

Kali requested him, "if you want to fight with me I am ready to fight with you but please listen my single virtue first then decide.“

Parikshit said, "if that is your last wish it's fine go ahead.”

Kali said, "oh great King you must have heard many bad things about me but my single largest virtue is that who so ever takes the name of God 120 times with pure heart and with complete dedication will get the punya equivalent to 12 years of penance during Kaliyug."

Now Parikshit softened a bit and said, "Indeed I have heard a lot of bad things about you but, this virtue of yours sounds too good. It must be true because in Tretayug several thousands of years of penance was needed to attain moksha, in Satyug several hundreds of years of penance was needed to attain moksha, in Dwaparyug we need many years of penance to attain moksha, so in your time only some days, this means you will prove to be useful for coming generation. I can spare your life but only on one condition that you will leave this cow/dharma and I will also grant you anything in return.”

Kali replied, "oh great and generous King I’ll leave this cow for once but as you promised me give me the boon to reside in gold.”

Parikshit granted the boon and Kali immediately entered into the golden crown of King and said, "oh generous King how can you think that people will attain moksha in Kaliyug within few days when I will not allow people to meditate on God for even an hour?”

 This is the power of Kaliyug he broke truth, honesty and mercy, now dharma stands only on faith.

(Taken from Quora)

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Bring it on...

There is something called getting used to of hardships - the state of mind, where it stops counting what it takes to survive - to evolve - to keep standing - where you become a seed and you only become the air, water, and light it needs - this is where the real human potential starts to unfold - the state of absolute accountability and survival.

To reach there, you need your wings chopped, your back broken, and your ego ruined - and to soar again, you need your faith unbreakable, your hopes undiminished, and your values uncompromised.

When you are a woman, you need a couple of things more - a smiling face, a kind heart, and most definitely the art to say "Fuck off" to everything that does not matter anymore.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

The winding and the whining

Like most year-end reflections or random introspection, this one too is a bit melodramatic, or rather melancholic  - with some high level philosophy thrown in bits and pieces here and there.

The Gypsy head
For past few years, I have been trying to trace my progress as a journey - from where I am coming and where I am going - it does not mean I have stopped devouring moments, but continuously connecting the dots has certainly given me some perspective; or rather a peep into patterns. By DNA, I am a gypsy. People often associate gypsy-hood with the inability to stay at a place. I think it is more than that. It is the ability to be able to let go of certainty and knowingness, feeling a pull towards something that you cannot describe, believing that there is someplace else as well where you belong and you must search for it. And like almost everything else in the world, gypsy-hood begins in the head. I am not the type of person who will stay there forever - in the same challenge, comfort, sentiment, misery, luxury, thought, or even reality. If it is not evolving, it will not be able to hold me for long. I will just leave and it would not be able to stop! One might call it my inability to stay, I call it one's inability to hold me.

A purposeless pursuit of finding life's purpose
Another idea that I have happily detached myself from is that of 'finding purpose of our lives'. The phrase is heavily used and abused. What is purpose and has someone really found it ever? I don't know! May be Sachin Tendulakar found the purpose of his life. The idea just doesn't excite me anymore. I feel foolish for having wasted some years of life trying to find my purpose. May be my passion lacked the purity, it never became intense enough to ignite my soul... but then so what? May be I am not required to follow any one dream, art, desire, or idea. May be my purpose lies in doing quite a lot of things in not too much of detail. May be there is no purpose at all. Can God really create someone so that he or she goes out and create iPhones, or plethora of records, or soul stirring music, or anything that is so dramatized by the world. What if Sachin Tendulkar had not pursued cricket? Yes, he would not have been Sachin Tendulkar then; but then, he would have become someone else. Can we judge the worth or purpose of a life by how well the person has performed any specific task?

Love? Please no.
I have a talent for attracting assholes. Sorry for being blunt and of course the language. But I have seen intelligent people often get attracted to me; and then they start appearing like jerks. I am not sure if the problem is with me, or its just that the EQ is inversely proportional to the IQ. In fact, I have been so utterly disappointed by male-kind on so many occasions that it has just crushed my desire to ever be with a guy. It might take a few weeks to years, but then eventually all of them turn-out to be .... well .... assholes. With time and age, the attractions have ceased to be upfront romantic; but the final outcome is usually the same. Even if you consciously stay 'just' friends, still you can clearly find out that they are borderline cases - with you being the one safeguarding that border. People say it is difficult to understand women's brain, but I think it is more difficult to understand a guy's brain - I am sure most of them are using there's to create sms jokes and memes on wives, girlfriends, or women in general.

The sorted one among the two
Mother: Where is your heart?
5 YO points to the center of her chest

Mother: What does it do? (Expecting a gesture for pulsation or pumping)
5 YO: (with a straight face) My heart tells me with whom I should make friends and with whom I should not.

Mother: Wah!

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Mommy talks

Sometimes its hard to believe that my daughter is just five years old! She comes out as a complete person in herself, totally like a grown-up. I have to consciously tell myself multiple times a day that the one saying such sometimes wise sometimes nasty and sometimes razor-sharp stuff is no 80-year old granny but a girl who came into my life only five years back.

Just as all the children are same, all of them are different. All children are cute, innocent, naughty, observant, and little monkeys in their own ways. Yet, they all have a personality - something that differentiates them from the rest - and something that very subtly flows from their usual and mundane childishness. My child is far more strong-willed than almost any other child that I see in my vicinity. And this is not a mother talking, this is a highly observant female talking who is constantly looking for ways to make her daughter abide by some largely popular habits. Even at a little age of three and a half, she refused to do things that she was not convinced of. You scream at her, scare her, or even raise a hand or two - but the no cannot be converted into a wishful yes. On one hand, it made me a bit screamy, on the other, it gave me a good sense that the one I am dealing with is not a baby, but a person.

Child psychologists say strong willed children make determined adults who do not blindly follow others. The thought comforts you, as you try to strike a conversation (borderline argument) with your child every day for petty things whereas the mother next day gets her wish done with little cajoling and cooing. It is definitely exhausting and irritating, but like all other challenges, it gets easier as you get used to it. But more than exhaustion it leaves me extremely conscious of my ways of bringing her up; especially, of the things that I say. I try to be as logical and as cooperative as possible. Love is definitely the only way out.. and so is resilience and forgiveness - to yourself.

Every night when I assess my performance of the day, I feel a bit guilty of how I could have avoided that small piece of bull-headedness, but also appreciate my own transformation. It would be unfair to admit that I am quite a mad mom in many ways. There are fits of insanity that ride me over, especially in mornings, when the time is running away and she would take hours and hours for the smallest of the things. 

I also appreciate my awareness of choosing love over anxiety or anger - of how I am becoming 'easy' by learning to let go of things - of how I am becoming increasingly aware of my own conduct. But, most importantly, it is continuously motivating me to create and collect as many happy memories for both of us as I can to compensate for all the chiding that has gone and will go into the making of a remarkable young lady. For every time I rebuked her, I am going to give her hundred times more giggles, kisses, and hugs for her to remember, forever.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Aam katha

I recently took a story narration session in a school. I had always wanted to do something like that so as soon as the opportunity came in, I quickly grabbed it. While I did not take a moment to accept this, it took me a long long time to select which story I should be narrating. As I browsed through so many of them, I realised that the stories for toddlers are pretty lame. They are terribly unreal! Please don't mistake me as a sadist realist, who does not want to tell fairy tales to kids. But then every story I picked up had something fundamentally wrong with it.

Let's take a few examples.

The story of Cinderella and her atrocious step-mother. While I am all in for the dreamy world where a common girl gets a fairy god mother, the best dress ever, and a carriage made from her cute little animal friends, I am too apprehensive to tell my daughter that Cinderella's mother had died and her father married another woman who was too bad to her; so bad that she made little Cinderella wash, mop, clean, cook, and do every other chore in the house; while wearing torn clothes all the time. Kids love gross details; as much as she was interested in fairy god mother and how she transformed mouses into horses, she was all wide eyed for how her mother was treating her. With great difficulty I explained her the concept of step-mother and she became instantly sad about the fact that her real mother had died, while Cinderella was still young. She even asked me if I could die too, while she is little!

Same applied to Snow White and seven dwarfs. Again a bad step-mom who would leave no stone unturned to wipe off her sweet, little, beautiful step-daughter from the face of the earth.

Hensel and Gretel - the horrible of several stories put together. First a step-mother, who leaves the children in the forest with nothing but some bread. Then an old bad witch who catches them. Putting the brother into a cage and making the sister serve her as a maid. And what did the children do... one day, when the old witch was checking over the fire, little Gretel pushes her into the fire and runs away with her brother. Wow! Too much good entertainment for kids.

Jack and magic beans was no good either. While there was no step-mother involved, the little dude gave a wrong lesson himself. As he climbed through the beans and reached the castle built on clouds, he saw several gold coins lying all over, with a monster watchman. He decides to 'steal' some of them. As he was stealing, he became a little too greedy and stole quite a lot of them, so many that they starting falling out of his pocket and woke up the monster. So, dear Jack ran for his life, and as the monster came down to follow him using the same magic beans, dear Jack cuts the stem and the monster falls onto the earth from the sky and dies. Again, wow!

The sleeping beauty is still fine... but then there is nothing much to tell there.  A beautiful princess, a wicked witch, a curse out of no where, the girl goes into an eternal sleep; and, the prince and his true love kiss.

Puss the boots!! Let's not even get into the smartness (or crookedness?) of this cat.

I think you get an idea of how crappy these popular fairy tales are. And as necessity is the mother of all inventions, it led me to browse more, more, and more, till I discovered some hardly known but wonderful tales for kids. As they are not very 'fascinating', my daughter is having a hard time understanding why momma is so hell bent on the routine of a rabit or a hungry caterpillar and not the fairies and the princesses. But I am surely making progress.

As for the story narration session, I just concocted a story for myself. Well, it wasn't self-created really, but can be called so in the large scheme of things ;)

And yes, the title of the story was, How Mango Became the King of Fruits :)